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Digital Workshops & Charrettes
The CB Solutions team has been an industry leader in creative solutions for digital charrettes & workshops since 2010. We have engaged more than 41,500 people in-person and many more online in our unique style of streamlined digital workshops.  We use our visual collaboration tool to quickly collect input & easily report results.  This real-time feedback loop builds trust in the process while getting everybody on the same page.  Our clients have a 100% success rate in project approvals using this approach.  We use technology in the meetings and also to expand the reach pre/post event.
Notable projects include: BMW Guggenheim Lab, NYC, the first Statewide California Economic Summit, Downtown/Corridor plans for Honolulu, Las Vegas, Montreal, San Diego, Anaheim, San Francisco, and 70+ Charrettes/Workshops.

“Crowdbrite Let's you capture the collective intelligence and creativity of your team and the public. We are so excited to use it.”      

-Reinette Senum, California Mayor

In 2014 we launched Crowdbrite Touch (CBT) to provide a simple mobile friendly platform to communicate plans, power mobile surveys/kiosks and empower face-to-face meetings and workshops.  We have engaged more than 250k people online to inform the conversation & support meaningful decisions.

"Crowdbrite Touch is a planner’s dream. It is like it was designed from the inside out with planners in mind.”

                            - Mary K. Peck, APA Past President

“The Crowdbrite approach & technology

is changing how communities engage in planning projects.”

-William Shutkin, President Presidio School of Management

Bring the power of community to your project!

Many clients combine our Crowdbrite collaboration tool (CBC) to engage stakeholders and the NEW Crowdbrite touch platform (CBT) to dramatically expand the reach online.
Crowdbrite Touch Benefits (CBT):
Create your own custom project portal, visual surveys, interactive maps, & online open house. Easily expand your reach broaden the conversation using interactive tools & social media. 
  • Visual & interactive web portal
  • Powerful analytics, detailed reporting & secure hosting
  • Informed engagement & better decisions
  • Turn ideas into action!

Crowdbrite Collaborate Benefits (CBC):

Crowdbrite Collaborate (CBT) offers a fun and convenient way to participate in online brainstorming sessions, meetings, and workshops/charrettes. Invite your team, outside professionals/experts and the community to collaborate. Use CBT to collect and organize comments, prioritize ideas and make better informed decisions. Ideas submitted on Crowdbrite appear in real-time as sticky notes on your project canvas.

• Visually collaborate with your team & community 

• Host live online meetings

• Capture & organizen ideas & feedback in real-time

• Moderate the discussion & identify priorities

• Accelerate critical decisions

CBT was used to power up these recent workshops & charrettes.  Click the links below to explore live projects.  Play the audio welcome, check out the polls, visual surveys & drag/drop maps.
Connect Honolulu: Digital Downtown Plan
Our Ala Moana Park: Engaged 30,000 in 3 weeks
Connect South Shore: Complete Street & Active Transportation 
Vision Las Vegas: Community-based Economic Development Strategy
Victoria Park: Community-based Masterplan & Implementation Strategy
Connect PB: Community Based Comp Plan
We have outlined four case studies below
with project links and videos that show our tools in action.
A community based planning effort that combined 3 months on online engagement, field surveys using ipads, public kiosks and a digital workshop.  Funded by the Smart Growth Funders Network and the Center for Civic Engagement.
Crowdbrite Touch (CB) Interactive Visual Survey
Citizens using CBT Visual Survey Tool at a public library 
Crowdbrite Collaborate (CC)
Volunteers using CC to capture & organize Charrette input.
Ave Du Parc Corridor Plan - Montreal
One Day Charrette, 150 participants - professional designers, stakeholders and the public working together to improve the central corridor.  Reports generated in real-time.

The California Economic Summit on May 11 was a critical midpoint in combining participation, expertise and leadership to improve California’s economic prosperity. The movement began earlier this year when over 2,000 people attended fourteen forums around the state. Together they set priorities for state actions to support regional economic growth. 

Five hundred regional business & civic leaders came together using Crowdbrite interactive software they came up with more than 2,000 refinements to the Initiatives in just three hours of crowdsourcing ideas.
Susan Lovenburg, Economic Prosperity Director, CAFWD
The N Judah Beautification Project was a testament to the ability of a community of diverse stakeholders to come together and leverage leading edge technologies and methods to not only generate a unifying vision for their neighborhood, but to also generate deeper and more resilient relationships.
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Residents participated in a neighborhood planning session using the innovative methods of Crowdbrite, a locally owned company which is revolutionizing how communities discuss land use opportunities. Throughout the day residents shared their ideas, drew pictures, and built a collective vision for their community. All the while, volunteers loaded their ideas to the Crowdbrite online platform so that people unable to attend could participate in the process either in real-time or over the course of the following weeks.
This was a great process, the hands on approach developed by Crowdbrite showcases how our agencies should collaborate and work with citizens in the future.
Supervisor Carmen Chu
The CBC Ipad is available free on the Apple Itunes Store.  Create a free account at and login to review more than 300 public projects.
High Touch & High Tech 
A variety of approaches to improve collaboration - you decide. See smart table demo below.