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Quals-Green Infrastructure

CB has completed dozens of green infrastructure projects and also developed industry leading interactive workshops using green infrastructure elements. Below is an overview of 5 recent projects and our featured project.

Our experience:
Connect Pacific Beach: Pacific Beach, CA
Connect South Shore: Lake Tahoe, CA

Connect Honolulu: Honolulu, HI

Our Ala Moana Park: Honolulu, HI

N-Judah Beautification Project: San Francisco, CA
Featured Project: SF Urban Forest Digital Plan
Location: San Francisco, CA                                    

The Crowdbrite team worked to develop a highly interactive and engaging online education tool to inform citizens of the new SF Urban Forest Plan, educate them on the vital role street trees have in our urban landscape while building capacity and support for project implementation over time.

Performance on delivering the project on schedule and on budget:

This was a pilot project to manage online engagement and build support for the project using the latest tools and innovative approaches.  The CB process strengthens partnerships & accelerates plan adoption and project delivery.
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