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Project/ [UN]Shelved
A Goal-driven Approach
Bring your plans to life with these directed solutions for your plans + projects.
Living Documents: Take your existing plans & make them digital, mobile-friendly, interactive + highly visual.
[UN]Shelved Plans: Get those outdated plans off the shelf with a renewed vision + reinvigorated public and stakeholder support.
Community/ Digital CIP
Comprehensive Planning
Utilize our integrated set of tools to provide a multi-project solution that builds trust + enhances impact over time.
Crowdbrite Touch: Expand your reach + deepen the level of engagement of your stakeholders, decision makers & the general public with this custom project portal.
Comprehensive Plans: Streamline communication + implementation of your physical planning projects for the year. 
Community + Capital Improvement: Create a project dashboard for your Transportation & Mobility projects, top community-wide initiatives, priority planning areas + catalyst projects.
Resilience + Climate Adaptation: Measure the progress of your initiatives with our tracking tool that can be adapted to different needs + scales.
Custom/ Major Projects
Complete Solutions for Complex Projects
Leverage the expertise of our professional team to develop a resolution to the specific complexities + challenges of your project. Call us today.
Buildbrite: Urban placemaking with developers and builders.
Full-Service Engagement: We manage your entire community process + facilitate public meetings. Also get access to our CB Collaborate Tool: a real time, stakeholder collaboration tool. 
Training: Get our expert insight into how to effectively manage meetings + conduct stakeholder analysis + use our proprietary Collaboration Tool.
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