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New Features

 We build custom tools to help clients cost effectively achieve their project and engagement goals. Explore our newest features:
Download our Community Engagement Spectrum to find out what level engagement is right for you.
Audio Welcome
We create a professionally recorded audio overview of your project directly on your project portal to communicate purpose, goals, & objectives. Listen to examples below.
Visual Survey
We build custom visual surveys that are easy to use, capture meaningful feedback and provide real-time results.  They have SMART capabilities that will prompt followup questions based on certain responses.  
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Explore example by clicking on the button below.
Action Maps
Allow users to put their ideas on the map with our easy to use drag and drop mapping tool.
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Idea/Comment Cards
We can create fun & engaging post cards for workshops & events. Broaden your reach by using social media to share results. 
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Progress Tracker
Communicate progress made on important projects through your own progress dashboard.
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