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Sustainability, Climate Action Plans
+ Resiliency Studies

The CB team has worked with a diverse group of consultants and community organizations on more than 17 cutting edge sustainability projects. Through our efforts we have won numerous awards for our community-based resilience work and helped to develop a more transparent & inclusive process through our unique & comprehensive approach.

 Learn more about our Resilience work below through our featured projects list & project snapshot section. 
Featured Projects
  • Sierra CAMP
  • NY Capital Region Sustainability Plan
  • San Diego Port CAP - in Progress
  • BMW Guggenheim Lab - NYC Resiliency Strategy
  • Le projet Changements Climatiques 
  • Sustainability Plan, South Lake Tahoe
  • Regional Sustainability Plan
  • Resilient Bayview
  • Tahoe Sustainability Vision
  • Nevada City Sustainability Plan
  • LifeEdited micro apt design competition - Discovery Channel
Project Snapshots
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BMW Guggenheim Lab
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Le projet Changements Climatiques 
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Sustainability Plan, South Lake Tahoe
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