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Mission + Team + Approach

Crowdbrite strives to utilize our extensive expertise in community-based planning to help all citizens engage in a process that is transparent, informed, interactive and inclusive.


CB is a full service planning, design + technology consulting firm. We are a national leader in innovative public engagement solutions and have developed award winning online tools for planning and infrastructure. Our unique approach has been proven to increase community ownership, build trust and get results.

CB was launched in 2011 and continues to evolve from the experience of over 100 projects. Our industry leading tools expand your reach and deepen the levels of engagement across diverse groups of stakeholders and constituents alike. In four years the CB team has engaged more than 41,500 people in person and countless more online.

Darin is a planner + landscape architect with over 20 years experience in helping communities create high quality public spaces.

Maria is a designer + engagement specialist working to generate better decisions & more meaningful outcomes.
Oscar Medina
Oscar is a planner that creates immersive + interactive online experiences to help communicate complex plans and projects.
Project/ Digital Plans & Documents
A Goal-driven Approach
Bring your plans to life with these directed solutions for your plans + projects.
Living Documents: Take your existing plans & make them digital, mobile-friendly, interactive + highly visual.
[UN]Shelved Plans: Get those outdated plans off the shelf with a renewed vision + reinvigorated public and stakeholder support.
Community/ Digital CIP
Comprehensive Planning
Utilize our integrated set of tools to provide a multi-project solution that builds trust + enhances impact over time.
Crowdbrite Touch: Expand your reach + deepen the level of engagement of your stakeholders, decision makers & the general public with this custom project portal.
Comprehensive Plans: Streamline communication + implementation of your physical planning projects for the year. 
Community + Capital Improvement: Create a project dashboard for your Transportation & Mobility projects, top community-wide initiatives, priority planning areas + catalyst projects.
Resilience + Climate Adaptation: Measure the progress of your initiatives with our tracking tool that can be adapted to different needs + scales.
Custom/ Major Projects
Complete Solutions for Complex Projects
Leverage the expertise of our professional team to develop a resolution to the specific complexities + challenges of your project. Call us today.
Buildbrite: Urban placemaking with developers and builders.
Full-Service Engagement: We manage your entire community process + facilitate public meetings. Also get access to our CB Collaborate Tool: a real time, stakeholder collaboration tool. 
Training: Get our expert insight into how to effectively manage meetings + conduct stakeholder analysis + use our proprietary Collaboration Tool.